The benefits of being part of the Amen Alleluia® movement




It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1 - Read the WillPower Advantage™ book

Building habits for lasting happiness. This is the core of AmenAlleluia® It begins our journey of becoming the person God made us to be. The men and women that our world needs. A practical guide to growing in virtue, overcoming the vices that rob you of peace and joy, and becoming the person God made you to be! Pre-Order your copy of the book today!

2 - Complete the Spiritual Audit™ (in the book)

Taming passions...Strengthening Virtues. Experience more peace, more joy, and more happiness by striving daily to grow in virtue & with God's help to become the person He has made you to be! The person that your family, community and the world so desperately needs!

3 - Begin sharing and spreading the Good News of unity in Christ more fully

Unifying people of good will in living God's will. AmenAlleluia® is a grassroots global movement of Christians, whose core focus is to strive to love God devoutly. We do this by growing in virtue, serving others, and helping to transform the world for God’s glory.


The WillPower Advantage™ book helps readers build holy habits that lead to true and lasting happiness.  The book provides practical wisdom, customized for your temperament, in an easy to read format.



The Spiritual Audit™ will help you identify your vices that steal your joy, as well as helping you build virtues to help you grow in faith.


And More:


Books and resources to help you find goodness, beauty and truth.


Prayer App

Grow in your prayer life and request prayers from others.


Faith Sharing Tips

3 Simple steps to sharing the faith.


My Faith Companions

Join a small Christian Community locally or online or start a WPA Group for your community or Church.



God’s love at work. Post your testimonials here.



Join the movement!

Yes, Jesus is the center of my life, 365 days a year!  I want to be a part of the AmenAlleluia® faith family. It's simple. Sign-up and be part of a growing community of Christians who seek to love God more fully, serve others more joyfully & transform the world. Unifying people of good will in living God's will.

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