3 Easy Ways to Share the faith


1) I'm blessed.

  • When people ask ”How are you?” rather than saying OK or GOOD, consider responding with  "I'M BLESSED."  Planting this tiny seed of Christ, can open the door for the Holy Spirit to transform the life across from you.

2) Can I pray for you?

  • People love to share their problems. Ask them “How can I pray for you?” But rather than saying, I’ll pray for you”, and then forgetting when you get home, pray with them right then and there on the spot. They will immediately feel God’s mercy, and witness your love for them thanks to a simple prayer.

3) Join Amen Alleluia®.

  • Invite others to join the Amen Alleluia® movement and buy or suggest The WillPower Advantage™ book for others.  Since “Amen” (I believe) and “Alleluia” (I rejoice) are the same words in every language, you can help usher in a worldwide movement of Christianity to transform and heal our world and lead more souls home to Jesus.

Three easy steps to share your faith.

I'm blessed.

Can I Pray for you?

Join Amen Alleluia®.